deleting that stuff cause i can’t tag asks on mobile ahh

How is Henrietta?

she’s good! getting older and grumpier, she turned 24 this year. not sure how old that is in turtle years for her species but she can still run away from me when its bath time!!

i will CONQUER



also i played an electric organ today from the fifties it felt like home

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1970s Robert Crumb greeting cards.

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i found this old screen print (#158 out of 600) of phish i don’t even listen to phish but does anyone know if its worth cleaning up or should i just keep it for cool color scheme

johnny could please you tell me a fun story? i am very sad today

ok!! when i was very little (probably around three) i had made a huge mess of the living room, toys EVERYWHERE so my dad was like OK you have to clean all this up and i was really mad and saying no and he was like alright i guess im gonna have to stART THROWING THESE TOYS AWAY…….. and i picked up an armful of toys marched to the trash can and threw my toys away while looking my dad right in the eyes i hope this helped and if u need to talk im here buddy

What is your favorite type of food to have when you go out to eat?? Secondary, favorite type to make at home?

my favorite food to eat when im out is either bacon sandwiches from the local market or sushi if i am rich for the day

when im at home i like making breakfast foods! any kind of combo of potatoes, eggs and cheese aha